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You will easily find a number of products and treatments in the market to whiten and lighten your skin. But are you familiar with the most effective methods, which are possible only with the help of dermatologists? If not, then you should certainly consider and know effective these treatments are. And, they hold a good […]

Straight from the Hollywood, Microdermabrasion is one of the latest skin-care methods today. Known as the ‘instant face-lift’ technique, it is an effective alternative than plastic surgery. But, does microdermabrasion also have side-effects? Have a look. We cannot hold our youth forever, aging is inevitable. With the increasing craving for people to look younger and […]

Dr. Numb is a popular topical anesthetic cream which mainly contains Lidocaine and Prilocaine in a highly pure form and in a quantity that has been specified as the highest amount by Food and Drug Administration. Dr. Numb is a water-based numbing cream which neither affects the ink nor the skins elasticity. This itself says […]

Since ancient times man has been searching for ways to win over skin-aging and retain the youthfulness forever. There are many foods, cosmetic products and even surgical methods which have been found to lessen the wrinkles, acne and other signs of aging. But since aging is a natural phenomenon, therefore it is not possible to […]

All the skin treatments that are done for beauty purposes or out of medical requirements, involve pain with more or less intensity. But what is the way out to undergo a pain free treatment? It’s the use of a good numbing cream which can make the skin insensitive and not letting any pain to be […]

Whether the temperature is high or low, hair removal is the need of both women and men. No one loves those growing hair on their body. But, to keep them off your skin is definitely not an easy task. Check out here how you can keep it pain free! Waxing- yes, it hurts! But, in […]

Beauty has no limits and everybody well knows about the beauty obsession of women. Undergoing various dermal procedures has become a fashion today. Among the list of various beauty procedures, Dermabrasion and microdermabrasion are two very popular methods. But, the bitter truth is that these processes are damn painful. But, thanks to the numbing creams […]

Thinking of getting a tattoo on your skin? Or fascinated by someone’s body piercing? Getting those trendy looks is what everyone aspires to have now a days. But before you go for these body art, you should look for what skin type you have and whether the numb cream being used by tattoo artist or […]

Although micro-dermabrasion works well for most people, many think twice before opting for it; they feel that it may harm their skin. Let us tell you that it does not really harm your skin in any manner. That’s just a myth propagated by misinformed users. Read on to learn more. Those of you, who suffer […]

Using a good quality numbing cream is a great way to reduce or completely eliminate any sort of distress, particularly if you’re using 1.5mm Dermarolling needles. # 1.5mm derma roller is a Dermarolling device especially designed for home use. The Dermarolling treatment helps in better absorption of applied skin care products. In addition, the procedure […]