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There was a time when moles were considered as the “beauty marks” and females likes Marilyn Monroe, Cindy Crawford and Madonna were really appreciated with their beauty with moles.  But, it’s not always that it suits on everybody’s face that’s why people go for removing them. What do you think, is the personal mole removal […]

Moles, skin tags and warts are a few common skin ailmentsthat occur naturally and refuse to go. These skin ailments usually pop up due to the hair follicles, blocked pores and accumulated dirt in the skin surface. While there are many medical treatments available round the globe to help you get rid of them, home […]

A group of clustered skin cells which develops across your face or body is something you fear for, isn’t it? These moles can occur anywhere; while some of them are there at birth time, others may grow over time. Though, they are common and harmless but when they are on face, you need to remove […]

What Are Moles? Moles are clusters of pigmented cells appearing as small, dark spots on the skin surface and typically appear on the face, legs, arms and torso, however can develop anywhere on the body. Moles differ greatly in color and size. While common skin moles are uniform in color, dark, and often upraised over […]

Melanocytic naevi scientific name for Moles which are basically cells called as melanocytes which appear like tiny and colored spots on the skin. They are generally brownish in color but can vary from black color to skin -colored. Not all moles are dangerous but sometimes the moles can turn out to be cancerous. The following […]

Recovery after a mole removal surgery is not as extensive as you may think. You only need to make sure you correctly follow your doctor’s advice for quick and safe recovery period. Moles are tiny growths on the skin which are caused when skin cells grow in clusters with tissues surrounding them. Most moles are […]

Mole removal is usually tolerated well with minimal discomfort. But, if you wish to minimize the mild stinging sensation from the laser, you can effectively numb the area with a quality numbing cream before undergoing the procedure. Laser mole removal is a highly recommended treatment for removing superficial moles that are not embedded deep into […]

Moles can be unsightly and can make you feel self-conscious. To get rid of them, you can either do down the surgical route or prefer treating them the natural way – your eagerness to get rid of the unwanted moles would largely influence your decision. Read along the following article to learn which treatment would […]

When choosing a numbing cream, safety of use should be your first preference. The good news is that tested and approved products such as Dr. Numb have never been reported to have any side effects. Today when there is a huge variety of numbing creams to choose from on the market, safety has become a […]