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Body Piercing involves puncturing or cutting a part of the human body to create an opening where a piece of jewelry can be worn. Body piercing has become popular over the past one decade and is seen as a common fashion now days. But the fact is that body piercing is indeed a painful procedure […]

Thinking of getting a tattoo on your skin? Or fascinated by someone’s body piercing? Getting those trendy looks is what everyone aspires to have now a days. But before you go for these body art, you should look for what skin type you have and whether the numb cream being used by tattoo artist or […]

Many parents choose to use a numbing creams before their infant are pierced in the ears. Let’s find out in the article below of using a numbing cream is safe or not. Because no parents can see their infants suffer pain on piercing, many of them make use of a numbing cream. Yes, numbing creams […]

The knowledge of the least painful piercing spots can be quite helpful to those who are planning to get their body pierced. With a numbing cream, these piercings can be pretty much fun minus discomfort for you. Strange are the fashion statements nowadays. And, if you want to be a fashion star, you got to […]

Getting cartilage piercings is a decision that many women continue to postpone indefinitely. Most of them are just too afraid of the pain and discomfort involved during and after cartilage piercings. Now that you are searching for answers whether numbing creams really allay the pain caused at the time a needle punctures your ear’s soft […]

Getting an industrial piercing is twice as painful as conch piercing. For that reason, a good quality numbing cream is always recommended. It makes the piercing experience painless and helps with sooner, healthier recovery of damaged skin tissues. Industrial piercing is about getting two back-to-back piercings in your ear’s cartilage. This simply means that your […]

Anesthetic creams are quite effective in numbing the area around genitalia and can eradicate the pain to a significant extent. Moreover, these creams are safe for usage as they involve no harmful side-effects.   Genital piercing is probably the newest and the most painful form of body piercing. This procedure is done near the genitalia and […]

Numbing creams are topical anesthetics which when applied on a skin portion, numb the area for some time. This eliminates or lessens the amount of pain that the skin area will sense with piercing or any other skin procedure. Read on to know whether you should use a numbing cream before getting your ear conch […]

If you bear a high threshold for pain, getting your tragus pierced might not be a big deal. Others, however, who can barely handle the sight of a needle without wincing, can consider using Dr. Numb. Read on to know more. Tragus piercing involves piercing of the tiny overhang of cartilage that project outward from […]

Naturally, body piercing can never be completely pain free. If you want to minimize pain, use an effective and safe numbing cream like Dr. Numb before getting your ears gauged. Read on to know more about the product and how it helps ease the pain caused at the time of ear gauging. Generally, body piercing […]