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  Ready to do something new with your look? How about trying something in piercing? There are many old piercing trends that we thought are dead and now they are back in vogue. The specialty of piercing is not really another wonder. It’s a trend that has been going all through mold for centuries. Let’s […]

Summary: Body piercing is in trend. But that doesn’t mean you can go to any artist for getting your body pierced. There is a lot you need to check. Find out details here. Are you planning to get your tongue pierced or you are in love with eyebrow piercing? Whatever may be the reason is for […]

Summary: Nearly 33% of American women are having navel piercing! It clearly means that it is the most popular piercing spot for the women. If you are thinking to get belly button piercing, here are the things to keep in mind. Navel piercing is the stylish piercing and adds to your oomph factor. You look […]

A well-done piercing with a skillfully put adornment can even now cause issues if not looked after appropriately. We realise that everybody responds distinctively to the different types of piercings. In any case, we also realise that when the customer follow a well-explained set of aftercare rules, the healing procedure is vastly improved for the […]

Nipple piercing was not as popular as it is today. More and more number of fashion savvy people all across the world seems to be attracted toward this form of body modification. If you are planning to go for the same, here is something useful. Are you craving for a latest fashion move, you will […]

You got a tattoo in your college days, but now it is the biggest hindrance in your career? Well, you are not all alone. There are many like you. Read on to know more about the conflicts between trendy body art and employment. Image Source: It can be a beautiful angel inked on your […]

Body piercing is the one of most loved form of body art. It might have changed forms several times, but it is still a preferred choice of fashion freaks. Have a doubt, whether it will stay in the industry for long or not. Image Source: Do you think that piercings or the similar type […]

Much the same like getting inked, piercing have turned into a more exceptional type of imaginative expression. Presently another trend in piercing has come up. We’ve seen individuals getting their ears pierced as starry groups of stars, and they’re awesome! The groups of piercings make up star groupings all decorated with studs, circles and gems. […]

Navel piercings, fondly known as belly button piercing, are one of the popular body piercings among young girls and teenagers. They look cool and add to your style. Good thing is that they heal quickly and are not that painful! But that doesn’t mean they are free from concerns. There are many people out there […]

Thinking to get your tongue pierced? If yes, considering these steps before tongue piercing is very important. Gone are the days when tongue piercing was the sign of rebels, freaks and punk enthusiasts. Today, tongue piercing acceptable in the mainstream fashion and body art. Whether it’s a man or woman, all love to wear jewelry […]