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If you are thinking about tattoo removal process, it is obvious to have a number of questions about the processes. Don’t be overwhelmed with the number of options available. You might be surprised to know how these options are not appropriate for you. Find out details here. No doubt tattoos are one of the most […]

Here we have explained the common risks after getting a tattoo. Tattoos look amazing and are the cool fashion statement. This is why 1 out of every 5 American adults has tattoos, meaning that 40% US population has tattoos. In fact, Americans have the highest number of tattoos in the world. This is also means […]

Nowadays people are going gaga over tattooing. Though these have been ruling over the world of fashion for decades, yet the side effects are not so known. In case, you are planning to get a tattoo job done, it is advised to first learn these. Read on. Planning to get inked? Tattoos are becoming more […]

Have you got a tattoo job done recently or you are planning to get one, when it comes to using Numb Skin, there might be many questions surrounding you. How to apply? Is it effective? Will it leave any side-effects? And many more! Find your answers here. When you start with the tattoo process, you […]

Tattoo is my passion, I have been trying to get them from my teenage, but couldn’t dare to get it done. It involves the painful procedure of inking. However, this never let me put off from going under the needle. Luckily, I found a simple solution to ease this discomfort. I went to the tattoo […]

Don’t remove your tattoo if your employer hates it. Instead, use these clever tricks to hide your tattoos at workplace. While some big MNCs have become liberal about tattoos, there are still many workplaces where “inked spots” raise the eyebrow of an employer. This is because they think that tattoo is not a decent thing […]

This article is all about useful information one must know about pre-tattoo consultation with your tattoo artist. There is ample of time and effort involved in tattooing process, and to make everything go easily, you must consult your tattoo artist first before getting inked. May be it takes a lot of time, but to get […]

Are you getting tattoos for the first time? If so, you must know the essential things about tattoos for a more realistic approach. Tattoo Can Cause Skin Allergies: Tattoos have been notorious for causing skin allergies for many decades. Whether you are a tattoo artist or a tattoo lover, you don’t want to hear such […]

Actually, women need to pick tattoo designs which are sensitive and ladylike, and they must have a special symbolic value to pass on the thoughts and feelings of the person who is getting tattooed. Here are some of the most popular and trendy tattoo designs for women, which will rock the year ahead; Floral Tattoos […]

Lip tattoos are the progressive form of the tattoos. In spite of having less to no visibility, these tattoos are quite popular among tattoo enthusiasts. If you think lip tattoo is not an easy job, you are right. Lip tattoo can be more complicated and critical than you think. If you are getting lip tattoo for […]