Numbing Cream and Laser Hair Removal: What You Must Know?

Numbing cream is a good investment for painless laser hair removal. However, it requires you to choose a good numbing cream along with the right use it to have an efficient effect for the treatment.Numbing Cream and Laser Hair Removal What You Must Know

The popularity of laser hair removal is on the rise in the USA. It utilizes intense laser beams to destroy the unwanted hair follicles from the face, leg, underarm, bikini line, arm and other areas. However, it can’t be sidelined that laser hair removal can hurt you depending on your pain threshold and the area being treated. It feels like cat sneezing or like tiny pin pricks.

Therefore, many people uses topical anesthetic like numbing cream to ease their pain during the treatment. This is because a numbing cream numbs your nerve endings so that they can’t transmit the pain signal to the brain. Topical anesthetic are used on the skin just like you apply ordinary gels or creams. Your skin is numbed within one hour following the application of the cream.

You should keep following points in mind while using numbing cream for laser hair removal.

All Numbing Creams are not same:

You should know which numbing cream can go well with your laser treatment for hair removal. A good numbing cream contains numbing agents like lidocaine, prilocaine and phenylephrine. You should check customer’s reviews and artist and dermatologist views before choosing a numbing cream. Choose the numbing cream with strong numbing formula for your laser hair removal.

Don’t Sideline the Side Effects:

Generally, a numbing cream doesn’t interact with the process; however, it can cause risks if you don’t follow the precautions. For example, using it in excessive amount can lead to common side-effects like itching, redness, prolonged numbness, blistering and tingling. You are also prone to these side effects if you are allergic to lidocaine or any other ingredient of the numbing cream. Therefore, consult your dermatologist first before choosing the numbing cream for laser hair removal.

Know the Right Way to Use the Cream:

Generally, you can use numbing cream 40-45 minutes before your laser treatment. Before using the cream, make sure to wash the skin area with soap and water followed by drying with a towel. After applying the cream, cover the area with plastic wrap to potent the heat. Wipe the cream off after 40-45 minutes. However, you must follow the guidelines given on the pack.

 Numbing Cream Reduces Your Discomfort During the Treatment:

A use of numbing cream ensures that you will have less pain and minimal discomfort while undergoing the laser beams, thereby giving you confidence and peace of mind. They make great investment for those who are getting it for the very first time. Many dermatologists admit the benefits of the numbing cream for the laser treatment.

Final Thought:

So, these were the key facts you should know about numbing cream for a laser hair removal. These things help you choose the right numbing cream and encourage you to have right approach.

Luckily, you favorite Dr. Numb numbing cream is the widely recommended anesthetic solution for laser treatments and body modification arts.