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Entrancing tattoos for ladies have turned out to be very prevalent in the past few years. Excellent tattoos have been around since men and women initially started strolling on the earth. Tattoos were considered as a symbol of bravery, or a sign of the god that they put stock in. Some female tattoo designs may […]

Are you considering using a numbing cream for tattoos as pain relief when you get your first tattoo? If you are thinking about how much pain is included in getting a tattoo, you should get one yourself to find out. Jokes apart, everybody has a different pain limit so it’s inconceivable for one person to […]

Getting a tattoo is an overwhelming experience. And it’s a big decision too. Tattooing lasts for 10-15 years, so you want the best design on your skin. Tattoos are prone to infection and skin scarring if you choose wrong artist. So, here we have come up with the important things you must know about tattoos: […]

Just like any other change you make in your life, things are affected after getting a tattoo. Let’s explore different aspects how a tattoo change your life. Along with changing the appearance of your body, do you know tattoos are changing lives too? Yes, you read it right. Here are some important things you would […]

Whether you’ve chosen to get a tattoo or you are still thinking about it; these are some useful clues to guarantee you know what to expect and how to prepare. What you need to do at night before getting a tattoo. Take a look; Kindly don’t drink intensely the night prior to your tattoo appointment. […]

Getting a tattoo is both exciting and overwhelming experience, especially if it’s your first time. But you must know that tattoos are riskier if you don’t take the tattoo aftercare instructions seriously. This is because your freshly made tattoos are still “wounds” made by the needle piercing. A good aftercare is must to heal these […]

From geometric tattoos to the Samoan tattoos, here we have listed the top tattoo trends that have rocked the year 2016. Tiny Tattoos: Minimal tattoos have been in constant rage throughout the year amidst the excitement of big and loud tattoos. Some of the popular minimal tattoo styles are semi-colons, little hearts, anchors, birds, and […]

Tattoos have turned into a genuine business and are making a fashion trend in the last few years. Different people have distinctive feelings about tattoos. In any case, what really is a tattoo. A tattoo is a piece of art which is left on the individual’s body for his or her lifetime. The tattoo could […]

Travelling is a hobby for some, to others it is no less than a passion. If you fall into the same category, you must be obsessed about everything related to travelling. Then whether it is a World map or a compass, it is close to your heart. What about getting these essentials tattooed? Explore some […]