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What is that Lidocaine? How does it work? You must have thought these things while coming across some of our blogs. Finally, we have come up with everything you want to know about Lidocaine. Let’s kill the curiosity. What is Lidocaine? Lidocaine is the key ingredient of many numbing creams. It is a local anesthetic […]

Topical anaesthetic creams are used for various dermal procedures, including tattooing, piercing, waxing, and so on. You might be wondering what makes numbing cream so effective. Let’s find out. Whether men or women, nowadays, everyone love to look young and beautiful. For this reason, they undergo various procedures. To keep skin youthful, there are methods […]

In general, Botox and Dysport are fundamentally the same. Both are a botulinum type A used to relax the muscles that cause frown lines and other overactive muscles of the face, similar to brow lines and crows feet. Both are infusions that make your skin wrinkle free. But, still if you ask a difference between […]

Getting your body parts pierced is the latest style statement. But the terrific pain holds many of you back. Right? Dr Numb is a safe and effective solution to the agonizing pain and suffering you have to undergo during piercing. Now you don’t need to postpone your appointment with your piercer due to your fear […]