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Your body has astonishing chemicals and procedures to cope up with pain. After the initial pain, your body sends in the chemical recruits of pain management. Give your body a chance to carry out its job, and you’ll be fine! Truly its nothing compared to what you think the pains going to be. You could […]

Planning to get inked this season? You are not all alone. There are many like you who gaga over tattooing for one reason or the other. But before you make any final choice, there is something you cannot afford to miss. Explore details here. Everyone yearns for a beautiful look, isn’t it? And this is […]

There are certain things that are harder to explore than finding a good tattoo shop that won’t charge you an arm and leg for anything moronic on your arm or your leg. To help you out a little bit, we’ve brought to you a list of five tips on the best way to pick a […]

Chest tattoos are cool and can be the good excuse to put off your shirt! But without being fascinated by trends and superstars, consider the steps given here to keep chest tattoo regret at a bay. Fondly termed as a chest piece, a chest tattoo is more adorable as it is placed close to the […]