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Don’t remove your tattoo if your employer hates it. Instead, use these clever tricks to hide your tattoos at workplace. While some big MNCs have become liberal about tattoos, there are still many workplaces where “inked spots” raise the eyebrow of an employer. This is because they think that tattoo is not a decent thing […]

Needless to say you must be high on excitement for your first tattoo. Being a “tattoo virgin”, it’s obvious to think about tattoo procedure, pain factor, prices and other related things. So, here we’ve come up with the answers you always wanted to know before getting your very first tattoo. Are Tattoos Safe? Tattoos are […]

It makes sense to choose a tattoo design or your choice and taste as well as a wrong tattoo can be a lifelong trauma. So, here are the factors you must consider to get your favorite tattoo design. Everybody can get tattoo. This shouldn’t be a big deal Right? But choosing the tattoos according to […]

Have you seen that there are many individuals that have Tattoos nowadays? In the past you may have just seen tattoos on individuals, for example, mariners, outlaws, and biker gangs, however, now tattoos are a very popular body embellishment for some individuals. The types and styles of tattoos has likewise come far. Tattoos have formed […]

Adding a little appeal to your fingernails is simple if you know how to do it. Having nail piercing is an awesome approach to add a little amusing to your style. It’s likewise an extraordinary approach to flaunt your personality. Isn’t it a sparkling idea? Image Courtesy: Beauty-fame.blogspot.com Keep reading… Nail Piercing Instructions When you are deciding […]

Thinking to get tattoos? Before approaching any tattoo artist, do these things to get the good tattoo without regret for the life. Img Source: Gothicandamazing.tumblr.com Tattoos are everywhere beyond the bodies of those sailors, bikers, celebrities and gangsters. From geek to stern corporate man, getting tattoos is extremely popular among the people from all walks of […]

So you have decided that you will get a tattoo job done. And now you might be planning to rush to your local tattoo shop and imprint your dream design in to your skin. Isn’t it? But are you prepared for it? Yes, there are several important things you need to consider before you step […]

The art of inking thoughts on body (Tattoo art) is widely accepted and practiced way of self-expression of individual or collective beliefs or impressions made by life experiences. The history of Tattooing dates back to ancient times, but its popularity is achieving milestones in the modern civilization.  However, people do end up with blunders inked […]

When it is about body art, tattoos are the most popular choice. Now that people are running gaga over the different ways to expose their skin with tattoo designs, it becomes bit difficult to choose the best style. Find out some popular options here. It is no more a new thing to get a glimpse […]