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If you are ready for the nose piercing session, here are the emotional stages you will go through. Nose Piercing is exciting and overwhelming as well. But these are the pre-piercing experience. This is because you go through lots of emotions throughout the session, no matter if you are a piercing enthusiast or a beginner. […]

From pain factor to aftercare, here we have rounded up the essential things about tragus piercing you must know. Tragus piercing is one of the popular ear piercing styles. It is done on the external part located outside the ear canal. Tragus piercing enhances your style and makes you look cool. However, you must learn […]

Here we have listed the most painful body piercing with a pain management solution. Did you know? There are more than 50 different types of piercing for both men and women while 13 different styles of piercing are done on an ear only. Some of the unusual forms of piercing include genital piercing and lip […]

Do you know that your piercing can cause swelling, scarring, oozing and even infection? Here we have listed such common risks of body piercing you must know. Body piercing is the popular form of body art. In this type of body modification, a needle punctures a hole in the body so that you can carry […]

Whether it’s on earlobe or on bellybutton, body piercing makes you look stylish and expressive. However, piercing can be a lifelong regret for you, if done wrongly. Therefore, here are the things you must know to have a safe and desirable piercing. Body piercing has been the part of people’s style for thousands of years. […]

Are you planning to have body piercing? It generally happens when you start considering piercing, you are surrounded by many questions. So, here are a couple things you must keep in mind before you end up with any final decision. Whether it is about your eyelids, nose, ears, tongue, eye brows, nipples, belly buttons, lips […]

Since long time, piercing has been well known fashion statement. People love it for various reasons and with the passage of time it has evolved significantly in form of styles. Let’s find out what all options do you have to get your body pierced. You will easily find a number of body modification enthusiasts out […]

Are you or your teenager considering a body piercing? Is it difficult to see eye-to-eye on this subject, or are you just not sure what the real risks of body piercing are? Sometimes it’s hard to separate the facts from the myths surrounding body modification. When that happens, it can make it even harder for […]

If you think body piercing is painful or you can do all piercing yourself, you need to read these myths relating to body piercing. Body piercing is an age old practice and an evergreen fashion as well. Whether it’s a traditional form like ear piercing or a progressive one like belly button, piercing is popular […]

Body piercing has developed such a great amount in prominence in recent years that it has ended up practically standard, with an ever increasing number of individuals wearing navel rings and various earrings. Facial piercings, surface piercings and loads of others to browse can make things confounding. If you don’t realize what’s in store when […]