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Summary: Are you aware of the different types of bikini wax? Yes, there are multiple ways to get a clean and hairless bikini line. Find out the details here. If you desire for a nice, clean bikini line, waxing is certainly the best solution. It is a great option for all your hair removal needs. […]

Here are the common waxing myths and misconceptions you must know for having better outlook on that. A waxing is done to remove unwanted hairs from the roots to make your skin smooth and beautiful. Sadly, this cosmetic practice is not free from several myths which can ruin your waxing. So, here we have busted […]

Wearing a thong, string bikini, or other skimpy swim suit leaves you in fear? Probably the reason is you have a lot of pubic hair. Now you will plan for Brazilian wax. But what about those pimples which appear on your skin after waxing? Here is a little help. Undoubtedly, Brazilian wax is the next […]

Without any doubt, Brazilian waxing is the next level up from the bikini wax. Therefore, it is more popular than ever today. If you are going it for first time, here is something useful for you. Read on. If it is asked- which is the most common hair removal method, undoubtedly, the answer is waxing. […]

Brazilian waxing is associated with the excruciating pain. The reason being, it involves getting your nether regions waxed. While it is hard to eliminate the pain completely, you can definitely put efforts to reduce the same. Find out how. Img Source: Your Tango Earlier it was believed that only the bravest of souls go for […]

Summers are already there and now this is the right time to go for bikini wax. For the women with a lot of pubic hair, it is something highly essential when they wish to wear a thong, string bikini, or any of those skimpy swim suits. If you are new to this, here is all […]