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Could you imagine how it would feel about to simply move out of bed in the morning, and look extremely beautiful as if you’ve just done makeup? Just think over it??? How good it will be to save time in doing makeups and all you need is to get up, take a bath, wear clothes, […]

Are you looking forward to enhance the natural-looking radiance of your facial features? Want your eyes, lips, or eyebrows, to look amazing always? Then permanent makeup could be the answer for you. Explore the details about this process here. In the hectic schedules and fast running life, it is not an easy job to put […]

The ageing signs are clearly visible on your face, especially in your 40s. You don’t want to face mirror with those ugly wrinkles, sparse brows, loss of lip color and definition and thinning lips. Doing makeup regularly is the only resort to hide these ugly age signs, if you can’t afford painful surgeries. In this […]

To look good, just to be natural or wearing makeup all the time is the main question. As a lady, you’ll do every important thing to present yourself in the best possible manner. Most of the women including me, used to think while doing makeup, “wish there could be a thing like Permanent Makeup”. We […]

When it is about cosmetics, we women love to have that enduring look that does not wear off easily. Maybe, this is the motivation behind why a large number of people pick permanent makeup. Makeup beaus, who might want their makeup to remain longer than a year and a half, should realise that it includes […]

Permanent makeup or permanent cosmetic is one of the fastest growing trends in beauty industry. This is generally because women globally are finding it better to toss their pencils and that everyday frustration of drawing even lines over the eyebrows and lips for permanent eyebrows and permanently colored lips. Permanent cosmetic tattooing is for anyone […]

Wearing off make-up makes us feel different facing our real face in the bathroom mirror. If nature to be followed, human being must not try to change his original characteristics, like animals. But beauty obsessed world earlier fed on cosmetics, but that too has become time consuming, so we have ended up with another solution […]