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Skin tags are made out of nerve cells, fat cells, ducts hub and fibers, secured with epidermis. They normally form on such body parts where there are wrinkles on the skin. These places for the most part include the eyelids, armpits (axillae), under the breasts, upper mid-section and neck. The color of skin tags may […]

There are several surgerical methods to treat your sagging skin, which do work instantly but these are harmful in the long run. So, are you searching for some easy and natural ways for tightening? If yes, then you have landed right. Here is the detailed list of ways you can keep your skin firmer and […]

Skin tags are the flaps of tissue over the skin that looks ugly. You can remove it by using these simple home remedies. Also known as achrochordon, skin tags are the little flaps of tissue popping up on your skin surface. Though they are not harmful, they can affect the self-esteem of the person if […]