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Undoubtedly, diabetes is one of the most common disorders in the world today. Although there have been various researches done, yet it is really difficult to predict who will suffer from diabetes. And when it comes to medication, it depends on the type and severity of every diabetic patient, what will be perfect for him. […]

Scientists at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai have found three sub-types of type 2 diabetes after studying more than 11,000 patient records. They have analyzed electronic medical records and genotype of these patients and could identify common genetic variants among them. Read on to know more details about the discovery. As per […]

Diabetes – A disorder which is affecting millions around the world. However, gestational diabetes is a temporary form of diabetes. It is said to occur during pregnancy only. But, this never you can ignore it. It damages the developing baby and of course, it is harmful to the mother as well. Hence, if you’re pregnant or […]

According to a new research published recently in Diabetologia, middle-aged and elderly who take get less than six hours sleep a night regularly tends to be at a greater risk of developing type 2 diabetes. The news gets worse with the finding that people who manage to add two hours a night to their sleep […]

Only a few know that diabetes and pregnancy have a strong connection. Well, if you are going to step into the all new world, it is important you learn a little more about it. Read on here to know more. Pregnancy It definitely brings forth lots of happiness. But, it is full of challenges. There […]

Termed as a condition, diabetes is resultant of excessive glucose in the blood. It simple creates a lack of insulin in your body, which helps in converting food to energy. The biggest problem with this disorder is that it cannot be cured completely. But, yes it can be kept under control following a healthy routine. […]

Scientists and medical experts believe that too much sugar can lead to number of health problems, such as diabetes and obesity. But, here an important question arises that whether sugar also affect the health of your skin? Most acne sufferers are advised to avoid consuming certain foods under the belief that they are the cause […]

Some people think that pain comes with the growing age. And the older people just keep on complaining for it! But do you know that this ‘pain’ can lead to several problems. Yes, people with pain are often more prone to anxiety and depression. In fact, there is greater risk for weight loss, poor concentration, […]

A diabetic patient needs to be emotionally and physically strong. Their main concern is maintaining ideal levels of insulin in the blood stream, for which they may have to take regular insulin shots. If you too are diabetic, and fearful of injections, try Dr. Numb, it is safe for diabetic patients, and will not let […]