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Resultime” is considered as one of the best kept excellence mysteries. It is a result-driven skincare brand, offering a complete salon treatment variety and home consideration line that has some expertise in anti-ageing. They represent considerable authority in creating salon quality products for use at home, to give you that fantastic ‘post treatment’ feeling each […]

Keep in mind! Shaving is not a fun amusement. Thus, ensure you don’t commit any mix-up. It’s tedious and a hassle as well. For most of the people, it’s a hurting process. A safe response to the perilous straight edge razor is the Safety shaving razors. They have been utilized by the millions to shave […]

A group of clustered skin cells which develops across your face or body is something you fear for, isn’t it? These moles can occur anywhere; while some of them are there at birth time, others may grow over time. Though, they are common and harmless but when they are on face, you need to remove […]

When you have already made up your mind for getting the permanent eyeliner on your eyes, you also need to gear up your mind for healing time involved and also the efforts which are involved with it. The following article deals with few basic but mandatory instructions to be followed for a smooth procedure and […]

The act of tattooing is intensely painful. Obviously, when the needle pierce into the skin and draws over it, we feel pain. However, the extent of pain depends upon the size of the tattoo, the tattoo artist and the pain threshold of the person. To ward off the pain, tattoo artists suggest their clients to […]

Dr. Numb is a numbing agent that is used to relieve from pain caused during various dermal procedures like tattooing, minor skin procedures, piercings, etc. It is a natural solution that has proved to be very effective in relieving such pain. But, the cool part is that Dr. Numb can also be used as a […]

Children are known to be the most sensitive to infections and medications. As such, the doctors prescribe medications and their doses according to the age of the child. But this is not the same when it comes to use Dr. Numb for children. Let us know why? Screaming, crying and impatience are normal reaction with […]

Many parents choose to use a numbing creams before their infant are pierced in the ears. Let’s find out in the article below of using a numbing cream is safe or not. Because no parents can see their infants suffer pain on piercing, many of them make use of a numbing cream. Yes, numbing creams […]

Epilators are the devices that function to remove hair from the roots through a single spinning of their tweezers. Ouch, now that can seriously hurt! If the very thought of pain makes you feel like giving up on epilators then consider using numbing creams. An epilator is a battery powered device that seizes multiple hair […]

Numbing creams are the topical anesthetics that work by blocking the nerve signals in your body. If used in limited quantities, following the standard instructions, these creams produce minimum to no side effects. But an overdose of numbing creams can produce fatal side effects too. Lidocaine and prilocaine – you probably don’t think twice before […]