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Want to go for something different on your engagement day? You can think about picking an option to get tattooed. Sounds amazing? Let’s check out some exclusive tattoo ideas for your special day. You might have heard the popular say, diamonds are forever. But, the new generation is not much enticed with the diamond’s sparkle. […]

When it is about body art, tattoos are the most popular choice. Now that people are running gaga over the different ways to expose their skin with tattoo designs, it becomes bit difficult to choose the best style. Find out some popular options here. It is no more a new thing to get a glimpse […]

Getting your first tattoo is very special, especially for those who are quite passionate about styling with tattoos. Since, it is said that every first experience teaches your great lessons; your first tattoo experience also does the same. Have a look what lessons you can learn from your tattoo experience. What if you’re being asked […]

Got First Tattoo!! Finally you met your desire of getting a tattoo. Well, that’s very good. But, don’t you want it to be safe and beautiful in the long run. Definitely, you want it to be the same as it was the first day. How? For this, you need to put in little efforts. A […]