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Your hair forms an important part of your personality. They need to be healthy and shiny, isn’t it? But for a perfect hairstyle, they also need to be dandruff free. Yes, dandruff or seborrheic dermatitis needs to be treated well. Find out some simple and effective home remedies. While you are all set to go […]

Aging is a natural phenomenon which is going to hit each of us one day. Prolonged sun exposure, harmful foods, pollution, chemical products affect our body adversely and fasten up the aging process. But the desire to look younger and fresh is never ending and that’s why we have come up with this blog to […]

Enough of that give and take business with those chemical pills – eases my pain but affects my body with unfamiliar side-effects! Found a few amazing ways to fight pain without depending on the traditional medicines… have a look to adopt them in your life too and ease you pain naturally! The hush-rush life in […]