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Dry needling has turned into a prominent type of treatment that is generally used by physical therapists. It is commonly named as the Western rendition of needle therapy. However, for osteopaths, physical therapists and different specialists who use alternative treatment like needle therapy, the methodology inclines more towards the understanding of the musculoskeletal system and […]

You can easily get almost any area of your body pierced. From finger piercings to naval piercing, there are so many options. But are you known to the risks associated with each type of piercing? No, let’s find out them here. Img Source: Tumblr.com Is your teenager planning to get a body piercing done? Is he […]

Body piercing is certainly one of the famous forms of body art. And just like any other type, it has existence from years. Here’s all about this cutting edge process you need to know. Img Source: Pinterest Have you heard about body piercing? Let us make it clear; it is something beyond the standard earlobe […]

If you are thinking about getting nose piercing or you have recently pierced your nose, you may not understand that you have many options where nose rings are concerned. With such a variety of various jewelry options, you can pick the style proclamation that truly fits who you are and the way that you need to […]

Are you looking forward to adorn a unique fashion statement? Body art can be a great option. And let us remind you, tattoo is not only the way to flaunt your style. There is much more, and face piercing is one of them. So, here is the most amazing forms, which are a must try. […]