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Here we have listed the most painful body piercing with a pain management solution. Did you know? There are more than 50 different types of piercing for both men and women while 13 different styles of piercing are done on an ear only. Some of the unusual forms of piercing include genital piercing and lip […]

Nipple piercing was not as popular as it is today. More and more number of fashion savvy people all across the world seems to be attracted toward this form of body modification. If you are planning to go for the same, here is something useful. Are you craving for a latest fashion move, you will […]

We will likely give valuable, true information and make it effortlessly open to the individuals who are pierced or considering getting punctured. Not the slightest bit if this segment supplant the direction and guidelines from your piercer. Image Courtesy: Twopeacex.blogspot.com Not with standing your particular rules, the key is going to stability. Slacking off on your […]

Nipple piercing has been gaining popularity among both male and females. It makes you look great and increases your nipple sensitivity. However, like other forms of piercing, you must think over several factors before nipple piercing. Let’s check out the factors you must keep in mind while going for nipple piercing. Image Courtesy: Midnightsmojo.com Nipple piercing […]

Are you planning for piercing? Well, it completely depends upon you, what kind of piercing you want to go for. But one thing is sure, it causes pain. However, some of them are causes less pain, others are more painful. Find out the three most painful types here. Image Courtesy: Bodypiercingmag.com Humans have always been concerned […]

If you are looking for some exclusive form of body art, you cannot afford to miss nipple piercing.  Being an increasingly popular form of body piercing, it is both, aesthetically and physically pleasing. Well known to increase the sensitivity of the nipple, there is a little more you must know about this form. Read on […]