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Dr. Numb is a numbing agent that is used to relieve from pain caused during various dermal procedures like tattooing, minor skin procedures, piercings, etc. It is a natural solution that has proved to be very effective in relieving such pain. But, the cool part is that Dr. Numb can also be used as a […]

Do you wonder why Dr. Numb is the most recommended numbing cream and if it’s really effective on needle injections? Read on to know the truth! No one likes injections, especially kids. Even parents can’t watch their kids getting shots! But since vaccinations are important, there is no choice but to get a reliable numbing […]

Due to the amount of pain and physical suffering involved in boxing, some boxers often use numbing creams to make their face and fists resilient to the expected pain. Boxing, pain, and soreness are words that go hand-in-hand. From wrapped up knuckles to bleeding noses, if boxers wish to eliminate the pain, using a numbing […]