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The idea of pulling hair out from the roots is not an appreciated idea for some individuals. Even though for those with high sift holds for pain, this can be out and out difficult. This does not come as a shock since this specific strategy for hair removal involves removing the hair from where pain […]

Being a woman is not at all easy – staying attractive and spic and span comes naturally to us. We do a whole lot of things for it, and removing those unwanted hair is just one of them. There are times when we think; God, if there was a permanent solution to get rid of […]

One thing that holds back many people is the excruciating pain felt during the waxing process. But still we cannot abstain ourselves from having a smooth and hair-free skin. Therefore, a numbing cream has become a popular method for a painless wax session. The following article deals with use and application of numbing cream for […]