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Are you heading in for septum piercing? If yes, you can’t afford to miss this important piece of information about septum piercing. What Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Jessica Biel, Zoë Kravitz, and FKA Twigs do have in common? All got a septum piercing! Septum piercing is like a bull nose ring, making you look badass and bold. […]

Nose Piercing is no more a tradition, but a style statement today. In spite of the fact that in most of the East Asian nation’s nose piercing is related with their custom and culture. But, in today’s present day world, it is more in association with being on trend. This procedure takes around is truly […]

If you think body piercing is painful or you can do all piercing yourself, you need to read these myths relating to body piercing. Body piercing is an age old practice and an evergreen fashion as well. Whether it’s a traditional form like ear piercing or a progressive one like belly button, piercing is popular […]

Since facial piercings are difficult to bear and takes longer to heal, getting the nose pierced is a big decision. While there may be a lot of pain, it greatly depends on a variety of factors. However, this pain can be minimized by choosing a licensed piercer, selecting the right jewelry, performing all necessary aftercare […]