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If you are ready for the nose piercing session, here are the emotional stages you will go through. Nose Piercing is exciting and overwhelming as well. But these are the pre-piercing experience. This is because you go through lots of emotions throughout the session, no matter if you are a piercing enthusiast or a beginner. […]

Belly button adds to your oomph factor (especially when you rock it with a crop top)! But it is equally true that the piercing is prone to infection and may cause inconvenience. This is why it is extremely important to take care of it. Wash Your Hands Before Touching the Area: Piercing is a fresh […]

From pain factor to aftercare, here we have rounded up the essential things about tragus piercing you must know. Tragus piercing is one of the popular ear piercing styles. It is done on the external part located outside the ear canal. Tragus piercing enhances your style and makes you look cool. However, you must learn […]

Dermal piercing are appealing. But they can cause severe problems too. Find out the most common issues here. Thinking about dermal piercing? No doubt, it is a prime choice of fashion savvy people these days. But that doesn’t make it the best possible option for you. Do you know sometimes different problems can occur with […]

Here we have listed the most painful body piercing with a pain management solution. Did you know? There are more than 50 different types of piercing for both men and women while 13 different styles of piercing are done on an ear only. Some of the unusual forms of piercing include genital piercing and lip […]

Tongue piercing is one of the popular body modifications. However, it can’t be denied that it is prone to several risks including infection and bleeding if you don’t follow aftercare. Tongue piercing may seem progressive fashion but it dates back to the Mesoamerican civilisation. It was then done by Mayas in the honour of their […]

Here are the instructions to follow after getting an ear piercing. Ear piercing is the most common body piercing. However, most people are not aware of the preventive measures after getting it, making them prone to infection and oozing. Here we have come up with the precautions for a fresh piercing. These simple steps not […]

Belly Button Piercing is a trending thing these days. Almost everyone with whom you meet has some kind of piercing on their body parts like, eyebrows, nose, lips, ears, tongues or belly buttons. Belly Button piercing has been pervasive for centuries and can be followed back to the antiquated Greeks, Egyptians and Indians. This piercing […]

You are bold and you certainly love to be challenged. You have tried a wide range of experiences, from mountain climbing, water rafting to bungee bouncing. Presently you are again confronted with the kind of challenge that is making you think commonly – would it be advisable for you to do it or not? You […]

Are you heading in for septum piercing? If yes, you can’t afford to miss this important piece of information about septum piercing. What Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Jessica Biel, Zoë Kravitz, and FKA Twigs do have in common? All got a septum piercing! Septum piercing is like a bull nose ring, making you look badass and bold. […]