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Here we have listed the common side effects of dermarolling which are caused by poor aftercare and negligence. Dermarolling is an amazing cosmetic technique to rejuvenate your skin by reducing fine lines, stretch marks, facial scars, hyper-pigmentation, and wrinkles and sun damage. Besides, it is useful for the absorption of the skin care and topical […]

Are you suffering from those embarrassing red flushes? Then you might be suffering from Rosacea. Yes, it can be very embarrassing for you. Hence, it is important to learn about the different types and myths regarding the same. Find out more here.   Img Source: Blog.sebamedusa.com “I was suffering from those red flushes since last […]

Often characterized by facial redness, swelling, papules, pustules, small and superficial dilated blood vessels on facial skin, rosacea is a skin condition becoming popular these days. And the biggest fact is that if left untreated it tends to worsen over time. While the signs and symptoms may flare up for a period of weeks and […]