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Dermarolling can hurt you depending on needle’s size and your pain threshold. In this scenario, numbing cream is a great aid as it minimises the pain occurring during dermarolling. Here we have explained how to use numbing cream for dermarolling. Dermarolling is the popular cosmetic technique to remove wrinkles, scars, ageing lines. However, it can’t be […]

Dermarollers ought to be exceptionally easy to use, yet numerous individuals get caught up to speed with all the diverse clashing data out there. Here are ten basic rules to remember, which ought to remove the bother from these awesome little gadgets. Take a look… Don’t purchase a needle length which is too long – […]

 Derma rollers have been in news for various reasons. While it is known to treat various skin problems and is becoming a widely accepted beauty treatment, it becomes significant to learn about the process, effects, side-effects, and much more in detail. Here is all you need to know. You will easily find a number of […]