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The only way to manage Type-2 Diabetes is by balancing blood sugar (glucose) levels else it can even result into complications of the disease. It is difficult to get over Type-2 Diabetes completely but one can control it through right medications, weight reduction, and with the right dietary habits. The following article will explain some basic […]

Your skin needs nourishment like your body does and the best way to nourish your skin is by using natural and chemical-free remedies. We have selected some of the most beneficial ingredients power-packed with essential nutrients that your skin needs. The following article is about DIY home based packs by using green tea, strawberry as […]

Most people live with conception that blood sugar problems happen to those with diabetes. But the scenario is altogether different, in reality we all are relentlessly managing blood sugar swings. The following article is an insight about the affects of blood sugar levels on our body and the ways to deal with it. Blood sugar […]

Scientists and medical experts believe that too much sugar can lead to number of health problems, such as diabetes and obesity. But, here an important question arises that whether sugar also affect the health of your skin? Most acne sufferers are advised to avoid consuming certain foods under the belief that they are the cause […]