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The wrist as well as ankle are the attractive and fit body parts where one can plan to get one of the best bracelet tattoo designs. Various styles and variations can be found in this kind of tattoo theme. Arm jewellery designs around the ankle appear to be favoured by ladies more than men while […]

For a few reasons, I like flower tattoos more than others, what about you? If you are also a flower tattoo lover and searching for the attractive tattoos, then you have come to the right place! The image of a tattoo can be captivating that it blends up all our senses. You can have a […]

Are you looking forward to get some new ink on your skin? Then you must be searching for a solution to get things done in right way. Here is the brief information which will help you to decide on how you can get that perfect tattoo. Do you know that over 35% of first time […]

Have you got a tattoo job done recently or you are planning to get one, when it comes to using Numb Skin, there might be many questions surrounding you. How to apply? Is it effective? Will it leave any side-effects? And many more! Find your answers here. When you start with the tattoo process, you […]

Here are the easy steps to make stick and poke tattoos at home. If you have heard about stick and poke tattoos, you may have thought to do it yourself at home. This is because they don’t need expertise at that level like you have in tattoo studios. As the name says, all you need […]

From calligraphy to Sanskrit, there are many tattoo fonts to choose from. Read here the major tattoo fonts types along with their specific highlights. Typography tattoos has always been popular choice for those who want to keep their tattoos simple and striking at the same time. From your favorite phrases, philosophy to beloved initials, you […]

Some tattoos are cheaper while others are so expensive worth your half month salary. Ever thought what decide a tattoos price? Here, we have come up with the factors deciding tattoo prices. Not all tattoos are same so are their prices. Tattoos cost is charged on the basis of size, pigmentation, complexity, and placement. Here, […]

It makes sense to choose a tattoo design or your choice and taste as well as a wrong tattoo can be a lifelong trauma. So, here are the factors you must consider to get your favorite tattoo design. Everybody can get tattoo. This shouldn’t be a big deal Right? But choosing the tattoos according to […]

Turning your tattoo making hobby into business can be a good decision. Without being overwhelmed, consider these steps before opening a tattoo shop. Image Courtesy: Zachisawesome.com If people praise your tattoo designs, it may make you think to open a studio. That’s a good idea to capitalize your “aesthetic” sense to earn money and fame […]

When it is about fashion, tattoos have their own place. People have been choosing different parts of their body to make a unique fashion statement with stunning designs. Among them, there is an exceptional place for foot tattoos. While these are back with a bang, it is must for you to learn few important things […]