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From pain factor to aftercare, here we have rounded up the essential things about tragus piercing you must know. Tragus piercing is one of the popular ear piercing styles. It is done on the external part located outside the ear canal. Tragus piercing enhances your style and makes you look cool. However, you must learn […]

Before having a tragus piercing, make sure you follow these things to avoid risks and complications. Tragus piecing is one of the trendy piercing types and gives an edge to your traditional ear piercing. Thanks to Scarlett Johnson for bringing tragus piercing into the mainstream style. You may be super excited to get a tragus […]

Here are the precautions you must follow for the better healing of your ear piercing. After getting your ear pierced, you need to follow a good aftercare regimen to keep infection and swelling away. Besides, it helps in the quick healing of your skin. So, let’s know the steps to be taken after your ear […]

Thinking about piercing your ear at home? If yes, keep these steps in the mind to minimize the risk while ensuring the accuracy and safety. In spite of having so many piercing studios around, most people consider doing it at the comfort of their home. Doing piercing at home is easy with experts hand; however, […]