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Your friend or family member recently got a Brazilian wax, saying it was one of the best beauty treatments she ever had. She urged you to try it; however, you didn’t have the faintest thought regarding the strategy. So, you made a beeline for your most loved salon and requested a Brazilian wax treatment. You […]

Now that it’s getting sufficiently hot for skirts, shorts and might be even swimsuits, you could consider changing over to wax rather than shaving. After all, waxing not just helps hair to develop in most thinner after some time, yet can even lead to it not developing back… like, ever. It sounds quite sweet! Keep […]

Who would not shout for waxing? Who will be bold enough to say that waxing is not painful? Waxing indeed is painful. That dreadful feeling of ripping off the first layer of your skin it could almost make you cry.  Now, it is no longer a problem. There is a product out in the market […]